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Some time before it turned into an omnipresent image of the cutting edge worldwide cannabis local area, the pot leaf was a wellspring of ground-breaking motivation (masterful and something else) for stoners in numerous societies since the beginning.

In this post, the all things cannabis specialists at Honest Marijuana separate the science behind the most widely recognized sorts of the marijuana leaf notwithstanding indicating you a couple of leaf varieties you might not have known about.

We’ll additionally ensure that you can spot indications of helpless leaf and plant wellbeing. Ultimately, we’ll examine the advantages of squeezing and cooking your leaves into cannabutter to make the most out of them.

A Brief History Of The Marijuana Leaf

The cannabis plant has been around for a long, long time. Longer, indeed, than numerous individuals figure it out.

Stoners of yesteryear — and we’re talking very yesteryear — have been drawing the maryjane leaf on cavern dividers for centuries.

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