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What to know about About Cali weed sales , is Cali weed sales legit ? Caliweedsales.com is by far the best site to get quality Cali weed online. Serving California weed in style and class despite the competition with Mike Tyson coming up with his own marijuana farm almost pushed us out the market but ever since we have been thriving and won’t stop as our clients want us to stay in the top.

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Cali Weed Sales would like to introduce you to one of our pride. We make lemon og kush like no other. lemon og kush for sale, if you have been looking for quality indoor lemon og kush strain then worry no more this is your bus top for this weed strain. Your one and only presidential Kush, a hybrid weed strain of 40/60 Indica with THC level ranging from 17 to 24 percent with a negligible CBD at just 0.13 percent. 

Lemon OG may appear to be a paler green than other strains and it may even look yellow with sticky Buds .

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lemon og kush